Hypnosis to Reduce Alcohol

Hypnosis to Reduce Alcohol

Hypnosis provides a natural way to gain control over our drinking if that drinking is starting to become excessive or is beginning to have a negative effect on our health and life. While an occasional glass or two may be ok on a social occasion, sometimes we may find ourselves unconsciously using alcohol to deal with stress, anxiety or boredom, for example. Or perhaps we occasionally binge drink and over-indulge on a night out causing us to embarrass ourselves or maybe even to not remember what happened the night before. Drinking like this may cause health and/or personal safety issues and may be a sign that we need a mental reset and that it’s time to regain control of our lives.

Clinical Hypnosis is like a guided meditation that enables us to change the subconscious patterns which are driving our negative habit and leaves you feeling good and relaxed. Unlike some medications there are no negative side effects and hypnosis is designed to empower us to make healthier choices by strengthening our mind and our motivation. The great thing is that you will be aware and in control during the entire process. You will begin to feel and experience the positive effects of hypnosis from the very first session. Is it time for you to make a positive change? Then call us for an appointment today!

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