Is Hypnosis completely safe?

Yes it is a completely safe and natural process, especially when conducted by a qualified and experienced practitioner.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Yes, provided you are willing to be.

Can I be made to be do anything against my will while under hypnosis?

No, even in the deepest trance you are still aware and in control at some level and you can never be made to do anything which you would not normally agree to. Hypnosis is all about empowering people to make the positive changes that THEY want to make.

Will I divulge secrets or painful events?

No, unless that is something you specifically wish to explore. Remember that even in trance you are still aware and in control.

What happens during trance? Will I just black out?

No, Hypnosis is a highly focused state of awareness whilst in a deeply relaxed meditative state. You may be aware of what is happening the whole time though you will feel deeply relaxed and even dreamy. Some people find that they only remember snippets of the session. Each person’s experience of Hypnosis is somewhat unique.

How long does it usually take?

Normally my initial session lasts about 90-120 minutes with the first 30 minutes devoted to detailed discussion, counselling and coaching followed by an hour of hypnosis. Subsequent sessions will be about an hour each.

How will I feel after the Hypnosis? Will I feel different?

You feel relaxed and experience a very positive state of mind. You will feel and act very differently in relation to the issue you have sought help with.

Can I claim a rebate with my health insurance?

Check with your Health Insurance Provider. However as far as I am aware most don’t.

How does Hypnosis work?

We have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind of which we are largely unaware. During hypnosis the conscious mind relaxes deeply enabling the subconscious mind to become more receptive and open to change.

Can I learn Self-hypnosis?

Yes, though Hypnosis with a qualified Hypnotherapist will make your self-hypnosis easier and more powerful by the use of post-hypnotic suggestion.

What about Stage Hypnosis? Is it real?

Yes it is real. However, the Stage Hypnotist is able to select members of the audience who are more highly susceptible to hypnosis, usually with a simple test. For most of us hypnosis will be experienced as a state of deep relaxation, like a guided meditation during which we will be quite aware and in control.

How many sessions does it take to make a permanent change?

For many issues a minimum of 3 sessions are recommended though some people find that just one or two sessions is sufficient to make the desired changes.

For Stop Smoking Hypnosis we offer a 1 or 2 session package which has proved to be very successful. For Weight Loss I offer a 2 session package with the second session devoted to Hypnotic Gastric Banding which is one of the newer cutting edge techniques.

Regardless of the issue, the second session will normally come with a personalised hypnosis recording for home use (I am one of the few Hypnotherapists in Perth who provides this service).