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Hypnotherapy for Positive Change

Clinical Hypnosis can be used to change old behaviours that no longer serve us. This can range from smoking or excessive drinking to kickstarting a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. It can also be used to change the way we think and feel about things, such as being less anxious or more motivated to achieve a particular goal. Basically it’s a powerful way to enable us to change our focus.

Normally these kinds of changes require powerful motivation and long-term repetition of the new desired behaviours, but what if there was an easier way? Hypnosis is a way of mobilising our powerful subconscious minds to help us achieve those desired changes. Our subconscious minds are a deeper part of the mind that does things “automatically.” It’s like the control room of our mind. Once we have access to it then those changes can come more quickly and easily.

Many people have heard about hypnosis as means to quit smoking but may not realize that they could benefit from hypnosis to better manage stress or anxiety or even for weight loss. So how does hypnosis work in these different areas? If someone wants to quit smoking for example, then the hypnotherapist will help the client to see smoking as much less attrative and to experience the benefits of being a non-smoker as much more desirable. In the same way, hypnosis can help us to be more satisfied with smaller portions of food (for those wishing to lose some weight).

Common issues such as anxiety, phobias or even insomnia are often unconscious patterns of behaviour which have been unconconsciouly learned through unintentional repetition, perhaps even at an early age. Or they may occur as a result of negative or traumatic experiences. In either case, our habitual reactions and responses can be reset and reprogrammed in a more derirable way. However, hypnosis is not magic and there is commonly a need for several sessions to fully change old habits. However, the results can be quicker and more powerful than people often expect and hypnotherapy provides a completely natural and pain-free way to make a change.

There are many popular misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. A common concern people may have is that hypnosis in some way involves a loss of awareness and control. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Clinical Hypnosis will be experienced by most people as being like a guided meditation. People are aware and in control at all times during a hypnotic trance. A trance is little different from a relaxed state of mind, perhaps similar to a state of meditation or deep relaxation. Being in such a relaxed state is actually very pleasant and people are often reluctant to open their eyes again as it feels so good.

Some common questions: How long does a hypnosis session last? This probably varies depending on the practitioner but anywhere from 30-60 mins would be common. Often a combination of hypnosis and counselling or coaching can be used to very good effect. How much does it cost? The costs are generally similar to those involved with visiting a counsellor or a psychologist. You can find out more here: https://freedomhouse.com.au/cost/

How many sesions will it take to make the desired change? This can vary depending on the individual and may be anywhere from 1 session to several. You can find out more here: https://freedomhouse.com.au/faq/

Are there people who can’t be hypnotised? Not that I’ve personally come across (in more than 10 years of practice). Of course if you don’t wish to be hypnotised then no-one can force you. However, if you are open to the experince then it is easy. Trance is actually a natural mindstate that we drift in and out of constantly through the day, especially when day-dreaming or just briefly zoning out (which is a way that our conscious minds get to take occasional breaks). Our natural state of trance is probably most notable just before we sleep or even when we first awake. It could easily be described as a twighlight state between wakefulness and sleep. Basically just a very relaxed state.

If you want to find out more about hypnosis please call, text or email us or you may enjoy reading the wikipedia entry about hypnosis at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnosis

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