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Hypnosis for Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a state of mind, a positive mindset if you will.

Clients will often ask if they can learn to display more self-confidence in different situations. For some it may be to overcome a fear of public speaking or presentations because they may have to do that as part of their work role.

Others may just feel like they need more self-confidence in general, as they may feel that self-doubt or a concern with what other people may think of them is causing unnecessary anxiety. Some may want to be more confident in social situations or even when dating.

Even phobias speak to a lack of confidence or control in certain situations (fear of heights or fear of flying are common ones). In all of these cases there may be irrational fears or beliefs at play unconsciously. Fortunately hypnotherapy can be a very easy and natural way to overcome these fears and to find a more natural relaxed and confident way of being.

Of course some people may be afraid of having hypnosis thinking that may lose control or start divulging secrets, but nothing could be further from the truth. Clinical hypnosis is rather like a guided meditation and often done in conjunction with some counselling or coaching. Overall it’s a very positive, empowering and relaxing experience.

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