Hypnosis for Resilience

hypnosis for resilience
We are all stronger than we know

Resilence is a quality being discussed a lot lately. In case you’re wondering about the meaning of the word resilience, it generally refers to the quality of toughness and particularly the ability to quickly recover or bounce back from setbacks. While none of us is superhuman and sometimes recovery does take time, we already have those qualities of strength and resilience within us (whether we know it or not). The fact is that we human beings have been here on planet earth for a long time and our ancestors survived an ice age, living alongside predators in the wild, droughts, floods and all manner of natural and man-made catastrophes, not to mention wars. You could say that resilience is in our DNA-in fact that is the absolute truth! Sometimes it is only in those exteremely challenging situations that people begin to realise what they are capable of but we don’t have to wait for the next catastrophe. We can connect to our human inheritance of resilience, strength, confidence and whatever qualities that we desire here and now through clinical hypnosis because all of these subconscious resources are there for the taking.

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