Finding our Confidence

A frequent request I often get from clients is to be more socially confident or more assertive in relationships. Many of us instinctively try to please others or keep the peace by trying to pacify or surrender our power (we may frequently be quite unaware of this and just wonder why our relationships are so […]

Hypnotherapy for Relationships

Sometimes we can fall into negative patterns in our relationships. Perhaps we’ve started to take our partner for granted? Maybe the misunderstandings seem to be increasing? Our former love and respect can get lost in a sea of critical voices. One effective way to change those destructive patterns is through Couple Hypnosis. As a couple, […]


Hypnosis for control of alcohol

It is becoming more common these days for many people to consider quitting. alcohol either temporarily or in some cases permanently. Sure it may be legal (up to a point) but it is a drug and one that acts to depress the central nervous system (which is why people often drink to “relax”). The problem […]

Hypnosis for Motivation

Motivational Hypnosis

Motivational Monday: are you motivated? Sure, maybe you can get out of bed (or not) but do you have the motivation to reach your goals? Do you have the motivation to be who you want to be? Is it possible to connect to the best version of yourself? Yes, and hypnotherapy makes it easier 🙂 […]

Stress and Anger Management

Anger Management

Stress and anger management can be a whole lot easier with Hypnotherapy. Clinical Hypnosis is all about  changing those old destructive patterns and putting us back into control of our emotions. While being assertive may be appropriate at times, if we are continually and irrationally angry then our relationships at work or at home may […]

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Hypnosis for pain management: the management of acute or chronic pain often involves the use of pain medications, some of which may have the potential to be addictive. This addiction to pain killers is a particular problem in the US at the moment but a potential issue for everyone who feels the need to use […]

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue for personal development.

Voice Dialogue is another way to work with the subconscious that doesn’t involve hypnosis (though it is a complementary therapy). Voice Dialogue is all about getting to know our personality parts in a deeper way and developing greater self-awareness and therefore choice about how we express our personal potential. Our personality has been compared to […]

Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Hypnosis for depression

Stress, anxiety and depression are states of mind often characterised by negative thoughts and feelings and can lead to chronic pessimism and even hopelessness if left unchecked. Fortunately our minds are able to change out of those negative states especially with the help of Clinical Hypnosis which can help you to overcome that old destructive […]


Motivational Hypnosis

Motivation is a state of mind and there is certainly a part of us which wants us to succeed and is willing to do what it takes to reach our goals but perhaps you may not feel especially well connected with that part? If you would like to discover more of what you are capable […]