The Mind is Supreme

Confidence is a state of mind

The popularity of books like “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins have led to many of us questioning the supposed limitation of our environmental conditioning or genetic endowment. While there may be practical limitations in many cases, it is surely true, as Goggins suggests, that many of us fail to reach our true potential out of a desire to remain in a self-constructed comfort zone. Psychologists have long suggested that most of us potentially have control of our thoughts and actions (including our attitudes and beliefs) and that changing them in a positive direction may lead to greater personal success and happiness (Goggins says that we get to meet our true selves). Positive change isn’t always easy but therepeutic techniques such as hypnosis enable us to change negative subconscious attitudes, beliefs and behaviours much more easily. You could even think of it as “deep coaching.”

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