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The Healing Power of Trance States

What is the difference between trance as experienced in hypnosis and meditation? I believe they are closely related though in the case of hypnotherapy it is normally a very goal directed activity rather than just relaxing or just “being.”

However it is possible to utilise the healing qualities of the trance state to promote inner calm and greater resilience to stress in a more meditative or passive way as follows.

Many of us may have tried some of the more commonly used meditation techniques involving focusing on the breath or repetition of a mantra. These are techniques aimed at focusing the mind and require a degree of discipline and mental effort.

However it is possible to utilise our natural ability to access trance states to meditate in an effortless way. Here the goal is just to let go and relax deeply. All that is necessary is to find a comfortable position sitting or even lying down (on the floor rather than the bed as we want to relax deeply not sleep!)

Then it’s just a matter of relaxing into inner stillness. Just allow your body and mind to relax and let go. Don’t TRY to relax, just ALLOW it to happen naturally, in its own time.

You see we have stillness reflex which starts to overtake us during deep trance or sleep. If you just focus on relaxation and stillness, then soon that stillness will begin to deepen all by itself, effortlessly.

If you would like to learn more about Stillness Meditation then feel free to email or call me. I regularly conduct courses in Stillness Meditation and Self-hypnosis and you too can learn to better manage stress and create the life you desire.

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