Relationship hypnotherapy.

relationship hypnosis
It is possible to have a happy relationship!

What is relationship hypnotherapy? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of us are thinking about our nearest and dearest-our relationship or perhaps our lack of one. As relationships can be challenging at the best of times, there is frequently a relationship issue in the background (or sometimes the foreground) for many of my clients. As I am also a counsellor we can discuss these challenges and discover what needs to change. This change can be achieved very easily with the help of relationship hypnotherapy.

Some of the many issues I have dealt with over the years include: Being more confident and assertive in a relationship. Developing the social confidence and emotional intelligence to initiate a relationship. Couple hypnosis to resolve an outstanding issue or to rekindle the spark! In some cases, clients need some help to more easily move on from an unhappy relationship experience or even to to recover from a divorce. And there are many more scenarios too numerous to list. Relationship hypnotherapy can change those old patterns of behaviour and help us to move into a more positive and confident mindset.

How can hypnosis help my relationship? (Or help me to find one?) While we can’t control other people, we can learn how to control and even change our own habitual behaviour to incease the likelihood of positive relationship outcomes. For example, studies have shown that couples can improve the quality of their relationship by recalling some of the positive or beautiful moments they have shared together and this can be even more powerful in the hypnotic state. Clients can also be assisted to find greater rapport with potential partners or even an existing partner because our subconscious has a greater emotional intelligence that we can learn to tap into. It’s really quite easy when you know how.

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Finally, here is a link to a recent article in the Huffington Post re the ingredients of successful relationships according to Family Therapists:

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