Hypnosis for positive self image.

Hypnotherapy for a Positive Self Image

Clinical Hypnosis is one of the original forms of what is now known as Positive Psychology. The importance of a positive self image can not be overstated. Recognising our unique strengths and abilities and accepting ourselves unconditionally are prerequisites to a strong healthy self image. The absence of a positive self regard can lead to many problems and hold us back from enjoying the happy life we deserve.

Sometimes we need to release negative thoughts or feelings perhaps related to an unhappy time in the past. Or it may be that we are stuck in an anxious mindset. Perhaps we are perfectionists who are unwilling to cut ourselves (or anyone else) some slack. Whatever the reason, these negative mindsets can be released with skilful hypnotherapy and we can be freed to start to enjoy the many potentials we have for a happier life.

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