Hypnosis for Health

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

There are many ways in which hypnosis can contribute to better mental, physical and emotional health (by the way, they all tend to be quite closely related). For example, hypnotherapy is a natural way to manage stress, anxiety and even phobias (including fear of flying and fear of public speaking, to name some common ones). Of course Clinical Hypnosis can do so much more too and it is a well known way to quit smoking. What may be less well known is the ability of hypnosis to help people manage their drinking because as research tells us, there is no safe limit meaning that many of us will want to at least cut down. Hypnotherapy is also commonly used to help people live healthier lifestyles and even to lose weight by reducing our “emotional eating” and bingeing.

Hypnotherapy can assist with relationship issues and people can be seen individually or as a couple (I am able to offer Couple Hypnosis for couples who want to strengthen their relationships). At a personal level people will often visit to improve their confidence and social skills or even to become or more confident speaker or salesperson. Speaking of sales, some people want to become more motivated to achieve business or sporting goals and these applications are also relatively common. For most issues that people may consider calling either a Coach or a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnosis can often provide an easier and more direct solution to the problem.

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