Hypnosis enables our subconscious mind to create a new reality!

Our subconscious mind creates our reality

Why is hypnosis such a powerful form of therapy? How can people give up smoking after just one session? And how can people suddenly believe that they are a superhero or a celebrity when they are under the influence of a stage hypnotist? The answer is quite simple. Our subconscious mind is capable of creating new realities for us. In fact it is doing it right now, quite unconsciously. You see our subconscious mind stores all of our behavioural patterns, our “habits.” These are like programs which are running automatically in the background of our consciousness and cause us to respond in familiar ways in certain situations. So bound up in these “programs” are patterns or habits, along with memories, associations, and beliefs. The good news is that all of these can be changed and they can be changed very quickly with hypnosis. Hypnosis provides a direct connection to our subconscious control room. That is why hypnotherapy has such a wide variety of applications from controlling addictions, losing weight, managing stress and anxiety, to increasing confidence and motivation (to name but a few common applications). Hypnotherapy also has a long list of health applications including pain management and symptom control in conditions such as ibs, crohn’s disease and many other auto-immune disorders. While I’m not suggesting that hypnotherapy can replace all other medical treatment or medication, it can certainly assist in the management of many personal and health issues and is a great complementary therapy (and one with no negative side effects!)

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