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Depressed Hoarder Recently Sheds More than Excess Belongings with Hypnosis

After going to the Middle Tennessee Hypnosis Center in May of 2012, Sarah is now ecstatic with her new life because she has overcome her self esteem and hoarding problems.

Murfreesboro, TN (PRWEB) June 11, 2012

Most clients who visit a hypnotherapist have already tried several methods of therapy first. Sarah (names have been changed to protect confidentiality) from Murfreesboro had seen other types of practitioners for years before her husband finally convinced her to try hypnotherapy. Her husband John had seen a successful recovery of a hoarder on a reality television show and thought it might work for her as well.

“Before I met Benjamin DeFoor, I had always put Hypnosis in the same realm as Palm Readers,” stated Sarah. She went through a series of sessions of Hypnosis at Middle Tennessee Hypnosis Center in order to work on her self-esteem and hoarding problems.

According to her husband, they had spent years trying psychiatrists, medications, and other group treatments for hoarding with little improvement.

“She’s laughed more than I’ve ever seen her. It’s like a massive weight has been lifted off of her,” her husband said after she finished the sessions.

Benjamin DeFoor, owner and lead hypnotist at the Middle Tennessee Hypnosis Center said, “Most people either think they are not hypnotizable or that somehow they will be under someone else’s control, but neither is true. People get the wrong idea because of TV and Hypnosis Stage shows they have seen. It is common for us to hear ‘I have tried everything else when they get to our office,” says Benjamin.

Sarah so far has completely changed her mental attitude and is in the process of removing all of her excess property from her home. “I still don’t know how it works, but Hypnosis definitely has the ability to change someone’s life.”

Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists to both practice and teach Clinical Hypnosis, Benjamin DeFoor, director of the Middle Tennessee Hypnosis Center, is among the top Christian Hypnotists in the country. His client-centered approach has helped thousands to improve their lives. His team offers services for weight loss, quitting smoking, stress relief, stopping excessive worrying and fears, sleep problems and much more. For more information about hypnosis, visit

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