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Changing our Negative Beliefs

In our quest to achieve the goals we have set and to be the person we truly want to be, sometimes it may be necessary to address negative beliefs which we hold, consciously or unconsciously. Hypnotherapy and even counselling can be effective ways to identify and change those beliefs so that we can more effectively claim the empowerment and positive future we desire.

Positive affirmations are also a useful way to create the attitude and aspirations we desire for our life by describing and affirming the mindset and life experience which we want to create. While there is no shortage of positive affirmations to choose from on the internet or in various personal development books, an even more empowering exercise is to create your own.

If you’re not sure how to do this or would like some guidance in this process I would be happy to assist (as well as to provide the powerful therapy of hypnosis to create the desired mindset). After all, affirmations originally came to us from some of the early hypnotherapists of the 19th century such as Emile Coue who coined the well-known phrase “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Well naturally we’ve progressed in our understanding and use of affirmations and particularly how they can be personalised for maximum effect.

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