Weight Loss Hypnosis in Perth

Premium Weight Loss Program

5 sessions for $600 (saving $200) with optional Hypnotic Gastric Banding included and a Personalised Hypnosis Recording for home use (if paid upfront in full after the first session)

If you want to supercharge your weight loss you can book in for the 5 session Premium Weight Loss program. This is fantastic value and brings the cost down to $120 per session (normal price $150) and comes complete with a unique weight loss recording and the option of a hypnotic gastric banding session. This is by far my most popular program and the one which has had the most outstanding and long-term results. Call 62634455 or 0450470234 today to book your sessions.

Weight Loss in Perth can be safely and effectively achieved with Hypnotherapy at Freedom House. Weight Loss to a large extent is all in the mind, as it’s really all about cultivating the right mindset and motivation. Though we may have fallen into some bad habits such as over-eating or eating inappropriate foods, with hypnotherapy for weight loss we can install a healthier more empowering attitude to eating and exercise.

Weight loss hypnosis enables us to focus on the feelings of satisfaction that come from eating sensibly and living a more active and energetic lifestyle. With hypnosis we may learn to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss works at the subconscious level where these habits and attitudes are stored. If we are unconsciously eating more than we need or convincing ourselves that we are too busy or tired to exercise then we have a subconscious problem! A subconscious problem requires a subconscious solution! That’s where hypnosis for weight loss comes in including the new hypnotic gastric banding technique.

Hypnotic Gastric Banding (an optional 2nd program with a hypnosis recording)

Freedom House weight loss hypnosis in Perth also uses the latest weight loss hypnotherapy techniques of Hypnotic Gastric Banding. This involves the suggestion of  a Gastric Band given in deep trance. Our aim for weight loss hypnosis is to reduce the desire to over eat and to feel satisfied with much smaller meals. During a course of weight loss Hypnosis sessions in Perth, other relevant issues will be also be addressed such as the enjoyment of exercise and any other emotional or psychological blocks to living a healthy lifestyle. Emotional and physical health are closely related which is why we strive to empower our weight loss hypnosis clients in Perth physically, mentally and emotionally.

Cost of Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight

First Session:$200
Subsequent sessions: $150
(a minimum of 2 sessions is recommended)

Or you may choose to have the more comprehensive and effective 5 session program of weight loss hypnotherapy for only $600 (which works out as a 20% discount if paid upfront after the first session).

All sessions will comprise a combination of dietary and lifestyle coaching along with hypnotherapy as I have found this to be the most effective approach after many years experience. You will also be provided with additional resources for home use.

If you are wondering if you can afford to pay for professional weight loss hypnotherapy consider whether you can afford not to! What price are you willing to put on your health? Isn’t investing in our health and happiness THE top priority? Consider what some people spend on gastric banding surgery-thousands of dollars! (with no guarantee of long-term success and the risk of medical complications).

Testimonials of Freedom House Weight Loss Hypnosis in Perth:

Sam has helped me immensely through weight loss hypnotherapy to make changes to my life previously not possible for me. I now feel equipped to continue with the weight loss more so than at any other time in my life. Sustainable but real changes have been made and are successful. 16 kg lost in 15 weeks, and I have no doubt that I can continue with this.*

David J, Koondoola

During my session of weight loss hypnosis I now feel much more relaxed and stress free, hunger is no longer an issue and am now losing weight much easier than before.*

Sarah B, Edgewater

I have found myself eating less and better foods, enjoyed my time with Sam. He has helped me to have a new and healthy life.*

Chloe, Mundijong

I have been through the five sessions of weight loss hypnosis and I am very happy with the results. Having lost 11.2kg in the five weeks I would recommend weight loss hypnosis to anyone who is considering the hypnotherapy treatment.*

Ernie J, Huntingdale

Hi my name is Ann, I am 57 years of age. I had hypnotherapy for weight loss in Perth with Sam and it has helped me lose 37 kilos (after 8 months) and I feel fantastic and also walk 5 kilometre a day. Another important issue was my excessive drinking which I have cut down and I am very proud of that and hope my success story helps other people wishing to have weight loss hypnotherapy.*

Ann B, Bedford

I found hypnosis to be absolutely amazing, not knowing what I would experience but it has been simply fantastic. I have enjoyed it and will carry on with this experience for a long time.*

Danielle B, Ravenswood

After trying for over 18 months to loose weight. Nothing was working and my weight escalated. I decided to give hypnosis a shot. I was a little skeptical at first but after reading other Testomonials I was excited to give it a go. Sam is amazing and he has made a big difference to my life since completing all my sessions. I have lost 4.5 kilos and now have a very positive attitude to loosing more weight. My relationship with food is controlled. I am now enjoying my weight loss journey and I am feeling fantastic already. Thank you so much Sam.

Lee R Wandi

My experience is the feeling of seeing my weight loss starting to work (5 kg in five weeks so far) as I am more conscious of what foods I am eating and the exercise to help me reach my goal. I am feeling happier and more at ease within myself. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight. I am so glad I have done this for myself.*

Kerry B., Bentley

Peaceful and positive sessions. Changing my habits towards food has been made easier. Looking forwards to what’s ahead.*

Patricia R., Swan View

*Note: Individual experiences may vary.

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