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When couples start to experience difficulties in their relationships, frequently one or sometimes both partners wonder if counselling may be needed. The problem with some traditional forms of counselling is that no attempt is made to change the thoughts and feelings of clients. Sometimes counsellors may just try to improve the couples communication problems without trying to change the way each partner views the relationship.

For example, studies have shown that when couples are able to reconnect with their original loving feelings at the start of their relationship then that has a very positive outcome for the couple (this is something I am able to do with hypnosis).

I like to use a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy to effect change at the deepest level. Hypnotherapy is all about changing negative patterns of behaviour and allowing the subconscious mind to discover a more positive way of responding. I also offer free email follow-up to my clients if desired because I like to think of relationship change to be an ongoing process that I am happy to support.

If you have not had the results you desire from traditional talk therapy, or you would like to try a more powerful form of therapy, consider contacting me for an obligation free chat about my relationship counselling and hypnotherapy programs. It is common for relationships to go through rocky periods but with the right kind of intervention and commitment, relationships can be healed.

I offer counselling and hypnotherapy to couples or individually if required (including how to get over a relationship if this service is required). I charge the same rate for individuals and couples (see below).

Costs: The cost for 1 session (which may be up to 90 mins) including hypnotherapy is $200 whether for an individual or a couple (ie. a couple pays the same price as an individual). Subsequent sessions are $150 each (for either the individual or the couple).

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