Pain Management

Hypnosis for Pain 

Pain Management is one of the most beneficial uses of Hypnotherapy in Perth. It can be a very effective tool and is a complementary treatment which may enable people to more effectively manage their pain. A course of Hypnosis sessions for pain management in Perth (along with some simple Self-hypnosis techniques that you are able to use everyday) can help to manage pain more effectively. Hypnotherapy for Pain Management in Perth can be a valuable tool in conjunction with other treatment modalities and may lessen the reliance on pain medications. However, pain management treatment is most effective when done in consultation with your doctor and/or other health professional.

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Prior to a Pain Management Hypnotherapy session it is recommended that you bring a letter from your GP or other health professional advising the causes, history and current treatment of the pain including whether surgery or other medical interventions have been performed. Pain is a form of information or feedback from the body which is useful in one way as it may prevent further injury to the affected area. However, often that pain needs to be controlled and managed so that its effects on our life can be minimised.

Hypnosis for Pain Control

How pain pain is experienced is quite subjective. Our thought, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about our pain can dramatically affect our experience of pain and our ability to manage it effectively. We have the ability to modify the way we experience pain and even to tune it out in that same way that we are able to stop hearing a repetitive sound. We can also learn to forget our pain or to ignore it. There are many techniques that hypnotherapy for pain management is able to apply. Some techniques may work more effectively for some than others so that each client will be encouraged to use techniques that are most effective for them. Hypnosis for pain control is a highly personalised experience where one size will not necessarily fit all. Consider whether hypnosis to control pain is something you would like to try.

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