Hypnosis for Problem Drinking

Are you finding that you are drinking more than you need to? Are you concerned that your drinking is a habit which may be adversely affecting your health? Drinking alcohol is widely accepted in our culture and for many it is part of the good life. But you can get too much of a good thing!

Once it was widely considered that 1 or two glasses per day was okay health-wise. Now the Cancer Council is saying that there is no safe limit for drinking alcohol. At the end of the day, it is your decision as to how much you think you should be drinking. But if you are are regularly drinking a bottle of wine then maybe it’s time to cut down!

Quit Drinking to Excess

If you feel that your use of alcohol is out of control, then maybe you even need to stop. At least for awhile.

Binge drinking is another common problem in our culture. People who binge on alcohol on the weekends or at parties often live to regret their actions. Some end up being involved in car accidents or assaults. Many aren’t even able to remember the evening.

Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Management

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool to assist people to manage or break bad habits, including excessive drinking. With Hypnosis our view of drinking can be completely reframed and even the urge to drink can be changed. If you would like to talk about your drinking or would like to make a positive change in your lifestyle, please feel free to call on 6263 4455 or 0450 470 234 to discuss your options and make an appointment.

Hypnotherapy for alcohol management works at a subconscious level to enable you to better control your drinking and to either make the decision to stop drinking completely or to manage your alcohol consumption. Hypnosis to stop drinking or to moderate your drinking can enable you to respect alcohol for the powerful drug and poison it really is. Alcohol in reality is the world’s most dangerous drug as it is legal in most countries and as a result is the most widely abused drug certainly in the western world.

“This experience has changed my life, helped me through the difficult times of giving up drinking. I feel like I’m starting my new and more positive and healthy life. Highly recommended. Thank you.”

Dale R. Kiara Waters

Don’t allow excessive drinking to poison your life and your relationships! Call now to find out more about hypnotherapy to control drinking. Whether you need to give up drinking or just manage your intake, hypnosis for alcohol management can be way of empowering you to take back control of your life.

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