Hypnosis for easier Childbirth

Childbirth may sometimes be stressful and needlessly painful. While some may be keen to take advantage of epidurals there are also ways to manage discomfort and stress naturally with the assistance of Clinical Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis. A program of hypnosis for child birth will normally involve several sessions of hypnosis before the due date and […]

The Power of Self-Hypnosis

hypnotherapy for success

Self-hypnosis is a skill often taught by hypnotherapists but can be learned by anyone. Using a combination of positive suggestions or affirmations together with visualisation, we can increase our motivation to realise a treasured goal or even create a more powerful mental state. Below is a recent article inspired by the idea of self-hypnosis. The […]

The Healing Power of Trance States

What is the difference between trance as experienced in hypnosis and meditation? I believe they are closely related though in the case of hypnotherapy it is normally a very goal directed activity rather than just relaxing or just “being.” However it is possible to utilise the healing qualities of the trance state to promote inner […]

Changing our Negative Beliefs

In our quest to achieve the goals we have set and to be the person we truly want to be, sometimes it may be necessary to address negative beliefs which we hold, consciously or unconsciously. Hypnotherapy and even counselling can be effective ways to identify and change those beliefs so that we can more effectively […]