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Hypnotherapy for Health

Hypnotherapy can help us change old unhealthy patterns and habits and free us to be healthier versions of ourself. It’s like a makeover for our minds. Clinical Hypnosis is like a deeper guided meditation which is focused on subconscious change that will enable us to more easily achieve our goals whether that be to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce drinking or to be more confident and less anxious.

Our subconscious mind holds many of our negative patterns and habits but is able to change in a positive way in response to hypnotic suggestion so that we may start to manifest new positive behaviours quite automatically. We can literally enable our own subconscious minds to start acting in a new way. Normally when we learn how to do something we have repeat the desired behaviour over and over until it become second nature (think how long it took us to become a confident driver for example). However, hypnosis provides a kind of short-cut to this process by providing direct access to the subconscious mind. The good news is that having hypnotherapy is a very pleasant and relaxing experience during which you will be quite aware though in a more “meditative” relaxed state of mind. After your hypnotherapy session you’ll feel relaxed and you’ll feel good. Over the following days you’ll begin experiencing the positive benefits 🙂

Hypnotherapy can help us with any number of personal and health issues often in far less time than traditional counselling or life coaching. We can connect with our own success mindset and start to live better 🙂 #hypnosis #hypnotherapy #weightloss #stopsmoking #alcohol #confidence #anxiety

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