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100% Sober

I regularly see clients wishing to control or stop their alcohol consumption. The amazing thing is that it is possible to do that with hypnotherapy. Regardless of when or where we picked up our bad habits, we can learn to live in a new way, if we choose.

Those who struggle with excessive alcohol consumption or binge drinking have often unconsciously learned to drink that way by the unwitting role modelling of family members or by being exposed to alcohol too young (studies have suggested that teenagers who are permitted to drink underage have a greater chance of alcohol problems later in life).

The reality is that alcohol is the most damaging drug in the world both in an individual and societal level (of course being legal and widely used naturally contribute to that). Alcohol like most drugs is a poison and unfortunately has a habit of poisoning people’s lives and relationships if it is abused.

I’m not advocating complete teetotaling for everyone but sometimes, for some people, giving up alcohol is the best solution for them. So whether you want to reduce or give up alcohol completely, please consider hypnotherapy as a powerful tool to assist you to achieve your goal. You may find your life changing dramatically in a very positive direction!


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