Finding our Confidence

A frequent request I often get from clients is to be more socially confident or more assertive in relationships. Many of us instinctively try to please others or keep the peace by trying to pacify or surrender our power (we may frequently be quite unaware of this and just wonder why our relationships are so […]

Relationship hypnotherapy.

What is relationship hypnotherapy? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of us are thinking about our nearest and dearest-our relationship or perhaps our lack of one. As relationships can be challenging at the best of times, there is frequently a relationship issue in the background (or sometimes the foreground) for many of my clients. As […]

Hypnotherapy and Relationships

There are many ways in which hypnotherapy can assist in dealing with relationship issues more quickly and powerfully. Whether you want to get over a relationship and move on emotionally or you wish to gain the confidence to reach out and connect with someone special? Perhaps you need to develop stronger boundaries in your relationships? […]

Counselling & Hypnotherapy for Relationship Issues

All of our personal and professional relationships require a lot of emotional intelligence and self-awareness which is why relationships are often challenging. Emotional intelligence is all about understanding our own feelings and those of others. It is also important to know what our personal values are and to have the ability to enforce boundaries in […]

Hypnosis for Relationships

Hypnosis can help individuals and couples to heal their relationships and restore the positive feelings that originally brought them together. Sometimes we can fall into negative communication styles and start to forget why we chose each other. It’s not unusual for us to need some relationship rehab from time to time and if you and […]

Hypnosis for Stress and Anger Management

Stress and anger management are issues that most of us face, at least sometimes, and they have the potential to negatively affect our personal and professional relationships. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing an old pattern. Many of our behavioural patterns are quite unconscious and may have been “learned” as a result of early […]

Self-Hypnosis to Enhance Relationships by Adam Eason

I wrote this article on my wedding anniversary and so was delighted to be writing about using self-hypnosis for enhancing relationships. Last weekend, my wife and I were dogsitting for a family pet; Mick the dog; a very good looking, incredibly well-behaved 10 year old Border Collie. We took him out for a couple of […]