The Psychology of Selves

Hal and Sidra Stone pioneered a kind of therapy they called Voice Dialogue from the 1980’s on. It was an elaboration of a Jungian technique called Active Imagination and works with different aspects of our personality and identity. For example, we may have a soft side and a hard side to our personality. Perhaps our […]

Hypnosis for Confidence

Confidence is always attractive and a confident person can always put us at ease. There are many factors that contribute to personal confidence including the ability to be relaxed and natural around people, self-belief and even the ability to be assertive. Many of the things that prevent us from showing our natural confidence include stress, […]

A Positive Self Image

A hypnotherapy author once observed that two of the main problems that cause concern to people in therapy can be boiled down to stress management and a positive self-image. It occurs to me that those issues may in fact be related. After all, it’s hard to be confident and self-assured if you’re constantly experiencing stress […]

Creating Opportunities

“To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities!” (Bruce Lee) In psychology a well known phenomenon is “learned helplessness.” Many years ago some research psychologists did a series of experiments using dogs as their subjects. They compared two groups of animals. One group were given a series of unpleasant experiences from which they could not escape, […]