Hypnosis and Depression

What causes depression? There may be a number of causes including relationship problems, negative attitudes and beliefs (which may be habitual but largely unconscious). Each case may be different and the reasons may well be unique to that person however hypnosis has been a proven complementary therapy that may help to change a client’s perceptions and feelings about their circumstances in a positive and powerful way. It is not necessary to delve back into the past or to relive old traumas. We can focus on changing the present problems and gaining the skills needed to live more happily and with greater resilience. For those wishing to learn more about the scientific study of hypnosis as a treatment for depression, I can recommend the work of one of the world’s leading authorities on the psychology of depression Dr Michael Yapko (one of the world’s leading clinical psychologists and practitioners of Clinical Hypnotherapy with whom I have personally had the privilege of studying with).


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