Relationship Stress

Hypnosis for relationships.

Hypnosis for relationship stress: many of my clients are seeking resolution to relationship issues when they come to see me. For some, it is the desire to break off a toxic but addictive relationship. For others, it is a desire to resolve an issue that is creating a stumbling block for the relationship. If you want to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards a more positive future then hypnotherapy can change those negative patterns and give you the confidence to create the life you desire (couples counselling and couples hypnosis is also available).

About Sam Hayes

Sam Hayes is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist practising in Perth Western Australia. He is a highly qualified practitioner and he has studied with some of the leading Clinical Hypnosis teachers in Australia and Internationally. He has studied at the Australian Academy of Hypnosis (Principal: Rick Collingwood), The Erickson Institute of Western Australia (Principal: George Burns, Clinical Psychologist) and with Dr Michael Yapko (one of the world's leading teachers of Clinical Hypnosis). In addition Sam has a degree in Sports Science from UWA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from ECU.

Sam lists some of his interests as Psychology and Personal Development, Art and Cinema, Reading and holistic health (including Relaxation and Meditation).