Hypnotherapy for Success Motivation

When we want to achieve a goal important to us a positive focused mindset it essential. Our true potential is often held back by negative beliefs, fear of failure and any number of psychological factors which can prevent us from being the person we desire to be. Hypnotherapy is powerful way to open up our […]


Confidence is a mindset, a way of being. Perhaps part of it has to do with being relaxed and more importantly comfortable in your own skin. It also has to do with a positive self-image and self-belief. All these attitudes and beliefs can be constantly improved and hypnotherapy is a great way to make a […]

Hypnotherapy for Alcohol

Do you enjoy a drink? That’s fine, as long as it’s just one or two occasionally. Or do you drink a lot more than you need? Has that glass of wine with dinner become a whole bottle? Alcohol is the drug that often flies under the radar. But make no mistake, it is a drug […]

Hypnosis to increase your inner strength.

You can be a much stronger version of yourself! Within your mind is all the power you need to be the person you really want to be. Hypnotherapy can connect you to that power. Whether it’s changing a bad habit or leaving behind negative experiences or beliefs, Clinical Hypnosis can bring out the positive you! […]

Hypnotherapy for Conflict and Anger Management

Sometimes we find ourselves in needless conflict with those around us. Instead of enjoying positive supportive relationships we may find our anger being triggered by the slightest frustration. These triggers may be operating unconsciously as a result of past stress or trauma, or perhaps it’s just the way conflict was modelled to us while growing […]

Change Old Habits Today!

We all know that we are creatures of habit. Well what does that mean exactly? The truth is that we all have are own patterns of thought and action which we tend to follow. Some people may call it a comfort zone. However, sometimes it isn’t comfortable! Especially when we find ourselves stuck in a […]

You Can Be Stronger!

Hypnotherapy to strengthen our personality: Recently I watched a Netflix series called Travelers with some interest. Just like a previous Science Fiction series “Fringe,” we are presented with the possibility of seeing a much stronger version of the same character. In Fringe it was an alternate and stronger version of someone in a parallel universe. […]

Hypnosis for Weight Management

Hypnotherapy for weight loss or eating disorders: A common problem that people experience is an unhealthy relationship to food. While we all know that we eat to nourish our bodies in reality eating may perform a number of functions in our lives including providing comfort, so-called “comfort eating,” or “emotional eating.” It has been said […]

Hypnotherapy Plays to our Strengths

Hypnosis used in a clinical setting can help us to become better versions of ourselves. Most of us realise that we have both strengths and weaknesses. Well doesn’t it make sense to focus on our strengths and make them even more powerful drivers of our personality? What about our weaknesses? No doubt we would all […]