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Sam Hayes

Hi, I’m Sam Hayes and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. My practice at Freedom House Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Perth is available to assist you to make positive changes to your life. Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective natural therapy that is useful in treating a variety of personal and health related issues and as a tool to improve your life. Hypnotherapy can completely change your mindset in a positive direction and is a way of supercharging your motivation to make the positive changes to your life you want and need. With Freedom House Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Perth you can save time and money by learning to use your powerful subconscious mind.

Freedom House Hypnotherapy and Coaching clinic Perth is located centrally opposite Kings Park at 44 Kings Park Road in West Perth (cnr Ventnor Ave).

Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Perth can assist with quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety, pain management and a variety of personal issues such as confidence, self-esteem and many more issues besides, often in far less time and with more powerful and lasting changes than some other forms of counselling or therapy. 

As a skilled Hypnotherapist and Coach in Perth I can help you to address any number of health or lifestyle issues. Freedom House Hypnotherapy and Coaching is able to help you to access your subconscious resources to benefit any aspect of your life and to find a stronger, healthier and more successful version of you!

Testimonial: “An amazing experience. I was sceptical at first however, after hypnosis worked for my wife who smoked more than myself, I had to do it and it has been an unbelievable experience that makes quitting smoking quite effortless.” (Steve D, Wellard) *Note: Individual experiences may vary.

Call Freedom House Hypnotherapy and Coaching clinic on  6263 4455 for an appointment or for further information on how hypnotherapy and coaching can help you. All Perth hypnotherapy enquiries are welcome.

If you would like to speak with me personally during office hours or even after hours please feel free to call me (Sam) on 0450 470 234. Of course it may be that I’m already with a client when you call but if you leave a message with your name and number I will return it within an hour or two (however, my secretary is always available during office hours on 6263 4455 to make appointments or discuss my services).

Hypnosis is a powerful  technique for rapid positive change in your life!

Note: At least 3 sessions of hypnosis are recommended for most issues but you are always welcome to just try one session to experience the benefits for yourself. The cost of one 90 minute session is $180 with subsequent one hour sessions at $150 each (or you may choose to pay for a program of 3 sessions upfront for $375 which represents a 20% discount).

Among the many issues Freedom House Hypnotherapy Perth assists with are:

  • Stopping Smoking ($180 for a 90 minute session and $150 for any subsequent 1 hour sessions or we offer a 3 session Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy program for only $375-normally $480-this includes your own personalised hypnosis recording for home use-Highly Recommended).
  • Weight Loss Program (includes Hypnotic Gastric Banding-5 sessions for only $600-normally $780-Highly Recommended! Or a 3 session program for $375-does not include hypnotic gastric banding).
  • Alcohol management and marijuana or kronic addiction.
  • Anxiety and motivational issues.
  • Relationship issues and problems, including couples therapy.
  • We can help people to increase their confidence, self-esteem and social skills.
  • Learning and memory enhancement and improved school or university study performance and motivation.
  • Sporting performance improvements are also possible with the use of hypnosis as attested by many elite athletes.
  • Improved motivation and focus, whether for study, work or sporting success.
  • We also offer Life Coaching along with Motivational and Success Hypnotherapy for Goal Achievement.
  • Stress and anger management.
  • Chronic pain management and the treatment of migraine and headaches.
  • Relaxation and Self Hypnosis…and much more.

Member of  the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)   Samuel Hayes, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist  BPE, Dip Ed, Cert. Hypnosis (Australian Academy of Hypnosis), Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson Institute of WA). Diploma in Education (ECU).

Contact Freedom House Hypnotherapy clinic in Perth today to book an appointment with Sam. Phone us on 6263 4455 to make an appointment or speak to Sam personally on 0450470234 or you may send Sam an email at  (all communication is strictly confidential).